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IntiLED LED luminaires

IntiLED produces lighting systems based on LEDs of the world leading manufacturers such as Nichia and Cree, specializing on production for architectural illumination. The company offers a wide model range of linear luminaires, LED spotlights and the devices intended for architectural lighting, illumination of streets, and lighting of sports, industrial and storage facilities.

The main arguments in favor of use of IntiLED LED luminaires in lighting systems are:

  • high quality and long lifespan (not less than 50 000 hours);
  • universality;
  • low power consumption;
  • ecological compatibility and lack of need of utilization;
  • wide functionality;

Despite relatively high initial cost of LED luminaires LED lighting remains popular due to low expenses on operation, service and repair in comparison with other light sources. Purchase of LED luminaires is highly efficient in the long-term and results in significant savings of means and time of the buyer.

Architectural LED lighting

As practice shows, LED illumination systems on the basis of modern high-brightness light-emitting diodes are the most perspective for use in architectural lighting.

The IntiLED company suggests to buy LED spotlights and luminaires for the facade lighting which main features are:

  • high quality of execution;
  • wide variety of LED color;
  • many options of secondary optics;
  • durability;
  • optimal quality-price ratio for needs of architectural illumination.

Important advantage of the IntiLED equipment is a possibility of installation of modern Lighting Control Systems that allows creating unique light pictures on a facade. Dynamic or static, colored with all shades of a palette or monochrome, ultramodern or classic, LED illumination allows not only to accent separate characteristic features, but to represent all peculiarities of the façade of any building in a favorable light.

The main activity of IntiLED is directed first of all on high quality production. That is why all models of LED luminaires and Lighting Control systems represented in the catalogue give to a customer good possibility not only to realize any unique illumination project but to enjoy the achieved results within many years.