Residential lighting in Norilsk as a bright solution for the northern point of Russia

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About the project
Norilsk, an impressive Arctic city nestled among mountains and glaciers, provides unique opportunities for experimenting with architectural lighting. Just like light brushes of an artist, the façade lighting in Norilsk constitutes a picturesque palette, revealing the beauty of the city in a new dimension, while at the same time ensuring the safety and comfort of the local residents during the Arctic night.
Lighting Objectives and Tasks
The geographical location of Norilsk limits the trips to the city to exclusively plane or ship. The latter route is only available in summer, so we focused on the only road from the airport to the city, to Krasnoyarskaya Street of nine houses, which is crowned by a roundabout with a high-rise residential building.
The aim of the project was to create a kind of a "light corridor" to become the first welcome for those who arrive in the city.
Project implementation
Considering the severe weather conditions of the region, INTILED lighting fixtures in arctic modification were selected for the project.
The buildings we worked with did not have any outstanding architectural features, so it was decided to use façades as a blank canvas and lighting as a paint. IntiSTARK spotlights helped to create a uniform flood lighting for the largest part of the houses - the side façades, while the contours of the buildings are highlighted by the direct view IntiTUBE fittings. Overall, the entire lighting system and each of its elements has been carefully thought out and configured in such a way as to not to disturb the residents and be completely safe for pedestrians and drivers.
A particular attention was paid to creating lighting scenarios with our LIGHTCAD software. Together with the Energoengineering company, we developed a number of everyday and special occasion scenarios, for instance, a unique “light fireworks” scenario that looks like a bright flash across each of the façades. Now the city wrapped up in dark Arctic night most of the year got much brighter and more comfortable to live in.

lighting equipment

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