The LACE linear light lines in the project of architectural lighting of Pokrovsky Monastery

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    Pavel Lantcov

About the object
The Pokrovsky Monastery is a popular pilgrimage site for many people all over the country. People queue to visit the gravesite and remains of Matrona of Moscow and to pray to her for help.
The modern INTILED lighting system was added to the main entrance of the monastery in 2020.
Lighting Ideas and Tasks
The goal of lighting up the entrance connected to the chapel was to complement the existing lighting façade system of a temple complex. Usually, certain orthodox architectural elements are highlighted in order to emphasize their authenticity.
Project implementation
LACE light lines were the best option to accentuate the architectural elements and murals of the main entrance with a smooth lighting effect. Its flexibility and small size are undeniable advantages when it comes to the projects where the lighting source is meant to be hidden and where the complex bandy constructions are to be highlighted. The construction of the aforementioned project is an arch itself.
Mosaic icons of the Saint Apostles located on both sides of the entrance are also highlighted with soft lighting. This very way of architectural lighting reminds us of the old tradition of igniting an oil lamp beside the outdoor icons, a tradition that no longer exists due to safety hazards.
For lighting the whole temple complex, the neutral white light was chosen (4000 K). This is traditional for orthodox buildings of religious worship. It adds a calm and peaceful atmosphere and delivers color and architectural solutions into the façade.

lighting equipment

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