IntiLED equipment for outdoor lighting of the Bridge to the Russky Island

In January 2013, the grandiose project of outdoor lighting of the bridge to the Russky Island in Vladivostok, which had been built as a part of preparation of the city for the APEC 2012 summit, was completed. The world's tallest and longest cable-stayed bridge connected the continental and the insular parts of Vladivostok with the all-year crossing, becoming the key object of the transport infrastructure of the Far Eastern region. Illumination of the bridge to the Russky Island was carried out according to the unique design of specialists of the STK MT Electro Company. The main idea of the concept of architectural and artistic illumination is to create the illusion of a bridge floating in the air with the active lighting of pillars and a set of stay cables painted in the colors of the Russian flag. Certainly, the design of decorative illumination of bridges is a special field of lighting design, requiring increased attention to specific functional and architectural features of such structures. Illumination should not affect the night lighting of the roadway, should not show up on the bridge structures during the daytime, and the luminous flux should not blind drivers of the land vehicles and ship navigators. First of all, it affects the selection of equipment, the definition of various techniques of illumination, and the choice of color and intensity of each light source. Structure of such a colossal scale as a bridge to the Russky Island required the application of innovative engineering solutions.
Indeed, in addition to creating the most comfortable and safe lighting environment, it was necessary to take into account severe climatic conditions, such as wind loads of up to 51 m/s at an elevation of 70 m, seismic activity of up to 8.1 points as per MSK-64 scale, and temperature drops from −31°С to +37°С. LED illumination was recognized as the ideal option: for linear illumination of the main span, LED luminaires of the specialized IntiLINE marine series manufactured by IntiLED were chosen. Reinforced climatic design of the top product of the IntiLED model line is distinguished by a high degree of protection from external impact (IP 67), enhanced vibration and water resistance. More than 200 IntiLED marine strips with the 100 W capacity are seamlessly fit into the structure of the bridge, creating a unique night view without disturbing the daytime aesthetics of the structure. The lighting equipment is secured in such a way to avoid causing additional difficulties when operating bridge structures due to the double brackets, which were specifically designed for the project. The use of energy-efficient LED equipment manufactured by IntiLED in the architectural and artistic illumination of the Russky Bridge contributes to the improvement of traffic safety and significant reduction in operating costs for maintenance of the object.

lighting equipment:

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