Sevkabel Port Bar Line

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    Sergey Luks
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About the project
Eastkabel is a new popular place on the Sevkabel Port embankment, which has already become the hallmark of St. Petersburg and one of the favorite places for residents and guests of the city. The oldest cable plant in Russia founded in 1879 moved its production to modernized premises, and the formerly unsightly industrial “gray belt” of Vasilyevsky Island Harbor became an attractive, constantly transforming cultural and business space.
The main attraction of Eastkabel is the Bar Line with verandas, views of the bay and establishments in the style of European ruin bars. In this increasingly popular location, in just one season, many tasty projects have opened; the territory is inhabited by more than 200 residents, including cultural and social initiatives, photo studios, lofts and workshops. In addition to gastronomic places, there is a summer sports ground called BackStage CrossFit and a Stage by the Sea overlooking the bay, where classical, jazz and rock concerts are held.
Project brief and concept
The Bar Line is located in the building of a former cotton-printing factory from 1823, the façade of which has been almost untouched by restoration work, and, as a result, it has preserved the signs of the times. The requirements for lighting were appropriate: to emphasize the historical value of the building, to create the integrity of the perception of space, to mask and level out visible defects of the old decoration, but at the same time to create a creative, relaxed atmosphere that sets the mood for relaxation.
Project implementation
The factory building is made in a classical style: protruding projections with semi-columns topped with porticoes are supported by simple façades with a cornice along the top of the building. The emphasis with the help of more powerful spotlights in RGBW color is placed on the dominant parts of the facade with semi-columns and porticoes. The 10x50 degree oval optics of the IntiSTARK floodlights allow the use of one light source per opening, which reduces lighting costs and light pollution. Compact linear luminaires LACE RGBW are installed on the porticos above and the graffiti below, allowing these elements to be highlighted with grazing floodlighting. On simple façades without architectural elements, RAY spotlights are used in a neutral white color to support the bright parts and visually continue the night image of the building. The colored light used in scenarios depends on the day of the week, holidays and events. Most often these are complex colors, selected according to the Sevkabel brand book, or bright, eye-catching magenta (a mixture of blue and red), mint, and many others.
In order to get to the Bar Line from the Kozhevennaya Line, you have to go through a dinky gateway. Previously this place was not very comfortable due to its low ceiling and lack of lighting. However, now it has turned into a kind of “portal”, an allusion to Star Wars, through which it is rather exciting to pass, and not at all scary. It is a highly instagrammable spot, where many visitors take photos for their social networks. EDGE RGBW luminaires with toroidal optics installed on the wall of the passage create a rhythm of intersecting narrow light stripes that smoothly change color and seem to invite you to walk inside.
The Bar Line has become a stylish continuation of the Sevkabel Port, with a unified lighting concept that creates a festive atmosphere and maintains a vibrant evening and night activity. The dynamics of lighting scenarios unite all buildings into a single whole through the effect of a wave running through all buildings.
The entire lighting system is controlled from a single source (building 2) via the DMX protocol using LIGHTCAD software, and lighting scenarios can be synchronized with performances at the concert venue.

lighting equipment

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