Titul — a premium residential complex in the heart of Moscow

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    Vadim Dakhov
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About the project
Titul (Russian for “The Title”) is a premium residential complex located where Serebryanicheskaya Sloboda used to be found back in the day. A landmark of the 17th century Moscow, right here coins for the Mint were minted and the best craftsmen of the capital created their precious jewelry. The compound consists of seven buildings, four of which face the Serebryanicheskaya Embankment, while the rest of the complex is hidden in the historic Serebryanichesky Lane. The conceptual architecture of the mansions combines the elements of classicism and the Western modernism, corresponding perfectly with the architectural unity of the historical center of Moscow.
Lighting concept and goals
The lighting concept was developed taking into account different angles of perception of the architectural object by the viewer. The level of brightness of the façades along the Serebryanicheskaya Embankment was deliberately increased, blending the complex harmoniously into the evening image of the city. Inside the compound and from the side of the historic narrow alleys, the brightness of the lighting is reduced: this forms a sense of intimacy and, as a result, a feeling of comfort and safety.
Project implementation
Several layers of lighting were proposed during the implementation of the project. The first layer of flood lighting provides the necessary background level of brightness for the façades, thus emphasizing their plasticity. The second layer is accent lighting used to draw attention to the architectural elements of the white stone façades; it is achieved with low-power spotlights with a very narrow optics.
The third layer utilizes the INTILED equipment. Due to the multidimensional layout of the compound, an optimal solution was to highlight the window slopes on the golden façades with a toroidal optics of the EDGE-mini series. This technique underlined the depth of the spatial composition and added an emotional quality to the architecture.
The lighting accentuated the status of the residential complex, the fluid geometry of the façades and formed a balance and a depth in the urban ensemble.

lighting equipment

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