Victory Plaza Residential Complex: a gem inspired by the French architecture, in the heart of the Moscovsky district in Saint Petersburg

About the project
Impeccable style and luxury are manifested in every detail here. Starting from the architecture, where the accents are made on large window openings, bay windows, clinker tiles and natural stone façade, to the delightful interior of the front rooms. The house is made in white and gold, and this palette certainly influenced the choice of the colour temperature for the lighting. Victory Plaza stands out against the backdrop of the busy Moskovsky district as an oasis surrounded by a quiet and green square.
Lighting Objectives and Tasks
The main tasks were creating an aesthetically pleasing lighting that would emphasizes the status of the project and a safe atmosphere for the residents of the building. Since the ambient lighting of the Moskovsky district of St. Petersburg is saturated with often disparate lighting solutions, it was proposed to highlight Victory Plaza by accents and contours, preferably.
Project implementation
Luxurious and sophisticated Art Deco elements that can be traced in the building also ascribe some conciseness and austerity to the architecture, hence a neat contour effect created with the help of the LINE fittings was used to highlight the equally neat shapes.
The consoles which support the cornices are illuminated by the low-power KUB spotlights with oval optics, creating a well-balanced light and shadow play. In the rustication of the window openings on the first and third floors, as well as on the corner projections, IntiSTARK luminaires are installed to complete the continuous lighting effect.
Undoubtedly, the main purpose of the building, a residential compound, was considered in the light planning process. All the equipment in the project is hardly noticeable on the façade, and the optics is selected in such a way that the light does not penetrate the windows and does not disturb the residents. However, at night, the architectural lighting is sufficient both for navigation and for a sense of safety and comfort.

lighting equipment

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