Constructivism in 21th century: Monochrome lighting solution for Avilon dealership

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Audi Russia announced the opening a new dealership in Moscow in the beginning of April. This is an impossible circumstance in Russia, when Audi and Mercedes-Benz dealerships are located under one roof. The building of the new dealership copies the facade of the Likhachev model car plant, referring to the constructivism era. It was in this building that new vehicles were once processed, the final bodywork was manufactured there, they were sent to be sold from there.
The historic building, in which the Likhachev model car plant was located in the 1930s, could not be preserved. The protected construction was developed by laser cutting after the careful measurements and and its components are stored in the plants. Surviving components were integrated into the structure of the new object by the architects. The original architectural scope was expanded due to the panoramic glazing, while the designers managed to preserve the style and aesthetics of late constructivism. This is the only case in Moscow when a building that does not have the status of cultural heritage has retained its historical appearance.
In the evening, the high status of the dealership emphasizes a discreet monochrome lighting solution implemented by the equipment of IntiLED. The monochrome solution was chosen purposely — the neutral white light (4000 K) emphasizes the status and creates the visual integrity of the building image.
In day-time, the simple geometry of the building lets to be focused on the main expressive motif of the facade — the rhythmic alternation of semi-columns. In night-time, the constructivist facade solution is focused with IntiSTARK series spotlights, which are fixed at the base of the half-columns. The spotlights are painted in the colour of the facade. IntiSTARK also allocate a six-storied pylon, which is taken out of the total building. The niches in the ground floor pilasters are illuminated with compact lamps of the IntiROLL series with 30 ° narrow optics.
The mansard construction structurally differs from the whole building. All floors are illuminated with 100 cm long IntiLINE series projectors and 120 cm long IntiSLIM series lamps so that this architectural structure can be seen in night-time. The effect is strengthened by a continuous light line, made by the spotlights IntiTUBE series. It emphasizes the laconic geometry of the facade and does not divert from the general rhythm.
*Constructivism — the Soviet avant-garde style in the visual arts and architecture, which was developed in the 1920s and early 1930s. it is stuck out for its severity, geometrical, concise forms and thoroughness of appearance.

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