Sunset Light for the "Coffeemania" Restaurant

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"Coffeemania" Restaurant is located in the historic building of the Marine Station, the main symbol and amenity of Sochi. This striking example of the Stalin Empire style is located near the central embankment. Visitors may enjoy the view of the Marina with its fascinating sunsets from the terrace of the restaurant.
The proximity to the mooring inspired lighting designers to create a special light environment, to capture natural phenomena, such as sun rays, glares on the water at sunset, and moving shadows of trees, and to extend them to the restaurant space.  To implement this idea, a map of the solar motion has been drawn up and areas of high and low lighting during the day have been determined by calculating the insolation. The main feature of the project has become the work with street architecture in the interior format. There were also a number of technical limitations, such as the impossibility of installing equipment on the ceiling; otherwise, frescoes and stucco work might be damaged, as well as the impossibility of dismantling historical luminaires.
To create complex colors and dynamic color scenarios that complement the natural lighting of the restaurant, compact accent spotlights of the IntiTOP series with a bean angle of 40x20°, as well as 24-degree IntiSPOT luminaires, were used. The high degree of protection against external factors and the temperature range up to + 45°С made these luminaires ideal solutions for the humid subtropical climate of Sochi.
The integrated control system developed by the Yarko-Yarko studio allowed setting complex natural colors and control modes depending on the time of the day.

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