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Tiny accent luminaire with wide variety of mounting and constructive versions appropriate as for the lighting of entrances and canopies so for the classical accent lighting and even creating media facade surfaces.


namecolourWlmcontroloptics, degdimensions, mmdatasheet
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IRB7-1W30-16DL483000 К7680PWM16108x108x49 ДАТАШИТ
IRB7-1W30-24DL483000 К7660PWM24108x108x49 ДАТАШИТ
IRB7-1W30-40DL483000 К7640PWM40108x108x49 ДАТАШИТ
IRB7-1W40-16DL484000 К7710PWM16108x108x49 ДАТАШИТ
IRB7-1W40-24DL484000 К7700PWM24108x108x49 ДАТАШИТ
IRB7-1W40-40DL484000 К7670PWM40108x108x49 ДАТАШИТ
IRB7-1W50-16DL485000 К7710PWM16108x108x49 ДАТАШИТ
IRB7-1W50-24DL485000 К7690PWM24108x108x49 ДАТАШИТ
IRB7-1W50-40DL485000 К7670PWM40108x108x49 ДАТАШИТ
IRF7-1RGBW30-16CL24RGBW10430DMX1670x70x60 ДАТАШИТ
IRF7-1RGBW30-24CL24RGBW10430DMX2470x70x60 ДАТАШИТ
IRF7-1RGBW30-40CL24RGBW10410DMX4070x70x60 ДАТАШИТ
IRF7-1RGBW40-16CL24RGBW10440DMX1670x70x60 ДАТАШИТ
IRF7-1RGBW40-24CL24RGBW10440DMX2470x70x60 ДАТАШИТ
IRF7-1RGBW40-40CL24RGBW10420DMX4070x70x60 ДАТАШИТ
IRF7-1RGBW50-16CL24RGBW10440DMX1670x70x60 ДАТАШИТ
IRF7-1RGBW50-24CL24RGBW10440DMX2470x70x60 ДАТАШИТ
IRF7-1RGBW50-40CL24RGBW10420DMX4070x70x60 ДАТАШИТ
IRF7-1W30-16DL483000 К7680PWM1670x70x49 ДАТАШИТ
IRF7-1W30-24DL483000 К7660PWM2470x70x49 ДАТАШИТ
IRF7-1W30-40DL483000 К7640PWM4070x70x49 ДАТАШИТ
IRF7-1W40-16DL484000 К7710PWM1670x70x49 ДАТАШИТ
IRF7-1W40-24DL484000 К7700PWM2470x70x49 ДАТАШИТ
IRF7-1W40-40DL484000 К7670PWM4070x70x49 ДАТАШИТ
IRF7-1W50-16DL485000 К7710PWM1670x70x49 ДАТАШИТ
IRF7-1W50-24DL485000 К7690PWM2470x70x49 ДАТАШИТ
IRF7-1W50-40DL485000 К7670PWM4070x70x49 ДАТАШИТ

INTILED website provides model ranges of standard products.
To receive information about customized versions, please contact your INTILED manager.


  • light color:
    white (3000 К, 4000 К, 5000 К), RGBW
  • optics:
    16°, 24°, 40°
  • luminous flux:
    410 - 710 lm
  • CRI:
  • wattage:
    7, 10 W
  • voltage:
    mono: 48 V DС
    RGBW: 24 V DС
  • protection class:
  • operating temperature:
    tropical edition: -40°С ... +55°С
    standard edition: -40°С ... +45°С
  • lifespan:
    no less than 50000 hours
  • control:
    mono: PWM
    RGBW: DMX-512
  • dimensions:
    surface-mounted: 70x70x60 mm, 70х70х49 mm
    build-in: 108х108х49 mm
  • weight:
    0,4 - 0,5 kg
  • materials:
    housing: aluminum alloy with galvanic coating; protective glass: shock-resistant polycarbonate; mounting arms: zink chrome-plated steel covered with powder paint to fit the housing color; mounts: stainless steel
  • mounting:
    recessed mounting, surface mounting
  • customization:
    customized LEDs color combinations; housing and accessories painting in any RAL color; production of customized accessories
  • contents of delivery:
    luminaire, bracket, passport, package


single cable for controls and power supply

For RGB versions, controls and power supply are provided via a single cable, ensuring additional convenience in installation.

cluster secondary optics

Group optics, being environmentally resistant, ensure additional reliability in operation. The luminaire continues to operate without interruption even if protective glass is damaged or absent altogether.

a multitude of designs

IntiSPOT is offered in 3 standard versions: for surface mounting with bracket, for embedded mounting with screw fastening, for embedded mounting with spring. We can offer production of individual brackets for the project, as well as fully tailor-made suspended versions (for instance, with a spherical diffuser).




  • LED IPCe controller
  • Sens SR-2812-IN Black
  • LED dimmer
  • USB-ILCS converter
  • ILCS-DMX converter
  • DMX-DIM (PWM) converter
  • DMX(B1T2) splitter
  • ILCS(U4) splitter
  • DMX-DIM converter

In case of additional questions - please ask below:

Due to the constant renewal of our model range and improving technical characteristics the technical intormation can slightly differ from the latest version. To receive the most up-to-date technical information for project development please refer to your INTILED manager.


Saint Petersburg - head office and manufacture
+7 812 380 65 04

Moscow - sales office
+7 495 510 27 65
business hours: mon-fri 9-18 (GMT+3)

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