Control Center of the Republic of Bashkortostan - a discreet solution for an administrative building

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About the project
The Control Center is a compact coordination point that helps to accumulate and answer the everyday questions of the region’s residents. The Center is a part of the architectural ensemble that crowns the House of the Republic.
The architectural solution of the building incorporates all the contemporary construction elements: futuristic forms and glass façades. From the inside, it represents a large open space with a full-wall screen, which displays real-time statistical data. The Centre allows to quickly collect, examine, systematize and analyze the residents’ problems in various areas.
Lighting concept and objectives
The discreet concept of the façade lighting was governed by three simple factors:
– compliance with the whole ensemble;
– utilitarian architecture;
– the same, in fact, utilitarian purpose of the building.
Project implementation
Due to the limited installation space, the miniature IntiSLIM luminaires were indispensable for uniform contour lighting. LINE fittings were installed in-between the window openings. Each luminaire type is equipped with accessories playing a crucial role in creating the lighting effect: they prevent light pollution and completely eliminate glare. The use of accessories additionally reinforced the conceptual aesthetic restraint. Furthermore, the luminaire bodies were painted the same RAL colour of the façade which made them completely invisible during the day.

lighting equipment

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