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It is perfect for contour lighting, creating uninterrupted light lines and lighting cornices and niches. The range of length from 300 to 1200 mm and the ability of feed-through connection allow for creating most even light lines, while the compact dimensions make IntiSLIM almost unnoticeable on the facade and absolutely irreplaceable when the mounting space is limited.


namecolourWlmcontroloptics, degdimensions, mmdatasheet
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ILF12-0,5RGB-17CL24-30RGB5330DMX17305х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF12-0,5RGB-38CL24-30RGB5320DMX38305х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF12-0,5RGB-45x18CL24-30RGB5310DMX45x18305х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF12-0,5W30-17DL48-303000К6650PWM17305х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF12-0,5W30-38DL48-303000К6640PWM38305х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF12-0,5W30-45x18DL48-303000К6610PWM45x18305х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF12-0,5W40-17DL48-304000К6680PWM17305х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF12-0,5W40-38DL48-304000К6660PWM38305х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF12-0,5W40-45x18DL48-304000К6630PWM45x18305х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF12-0,5W50-17DL48-305000К6710PWM17305х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF12-0,5W50-38DL48-305000К6700PWM38305х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF12-0,5W50-45x18DL48-30 5000К6670PWM45x18305х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF24-0,5RGB-17CL24-60RGB10650DMX17604х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF24-0,5RGB-38CL24-60RGB10640DMX38604х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF24-0,5RGB-45x18CL24-60RGB10610DMX45x18604х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF24-0,5W30-17DL48-603000К121300PWM17604х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF24-0,5W30-38DL48-603000К121300PWM38604х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF24-0,5W30-45x18DL48-60 3000К121250PWM45x18604х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF24-0,5W40-17DL48-604000К121350PWM17604х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF24-0,5W40-38DL48-604000К121350PWM38604х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF24-0,5W40-45x18DL48-60 4000К121250PWM45x18604х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF24-0,5W50-17DL48-605000К121400PWM17604х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF24-0,5W50-38DL48-605000К121400PWM38604х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF24-0,5W50-45x18DL48-60 5000К121350PWM45x18604х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF36-0,5RGB-17CL24-90RGB15980DMX17903х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF36-0,5RGB-38CL24-90RGB15960DMX38903х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF36-0,5RGB-45x18CL24-90RGB15920DMX45x18903х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF36-0,5W30-17DL48-903000К181950PWM17903х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF36-0,5W30-38DL48-903000К181900PWM38903х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF36-0,5W30-45x18DL48-90 3000К181850PWM45x18903х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF36-0,5W40-17DL48-904000К182050PWM17903х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF36-0,5W40-38DL48-904000К182000PWM38903х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF36-0,5W40-45x18DL48-90 4000К181900PWM45x18903х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF36-0,5W50-17DL48-905000К182150PWM17903х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF36-0,5W50-38DL48-905000К182100PWM38903х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF36-0,5W50-45x18DL48-905000К182000PWM45x18903х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF48-0,5RGB-17CL24-120RGB191300DMX171202х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF48-0,5RGB-38CL24-120RGB191300DMX381202х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF48-0,5RGB-45x18CL24-120RGB191250DMX45x181202х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF48-0,5W30-17DL48-1203000К242600PWM171202х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF48-0,5W30-38DL48-1203000К242550PWM381202х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF48-0,5W30-45x18DL48-1203000К242450PWM45x181202х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF48-0,5W40-17DL48-1204000К242700PWM171202х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF48-0,5W40-38DL48-1204000К242650PWM381202х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF48-0,5W40-45x18DL48-1204000К242550PWM45x181202х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF48-0,5W50-17DL48-1205000К242850PWM171202х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF48-0,5W50-38DL48-1205000К242800PWM381202х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF48-0,5W50-45x18DL48-1205000К242650PWM45x181202х35х29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF60-0,5W30-17DL48-1503000K273800PWM171501x35x29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF60-0,5W30-38DL48-1503000K273700PWM381501x35x29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF60-0,5W30-45x18DL48-1503000K273550PWM45x181501x35x29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF60-0,5W40-17DL48-1504000K274050PWM171501x35x29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF60-0,5W40-38DL48-1504000K273950PWM381501x35x29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF60-0,5W40-45x18DL48-1504000K273800PWM45x181501x35x29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF60-0,5W50-17DL48-1505000K274050PWM171501x35x29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF60-0,5W50-38DL48-1505000K273950PWM381501x35x29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF60-0,5W50-45x18DL48-1505000K273800PWM45x181501x35x29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF60-0,5RGB-17CL24-150RGB241650DMX171501x35x29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF60-0,5RGB-38CL24-150RGB241600DMX381501x35x29 ДАТАШИТ
ILF60-0,5RGB-45x18CL24-150RGB241550DMX45x181501x35x29 ДАТАШИТ

INTILED website provides model ranges of standard products.
To receive information about customized versions, please contact your INTILED Manager.


light color:
white (3000 К, 4000 К, 5000 К), RGB
17°, 38°, 45х18°
luminous flux:
310 - 4050 lm
5 - 27 W
mono: 48V DC
protection class:
operating temperature:
tropical edition: -40°С ... +55°С
standard edition: -40°С ... +45°С
not less than 50000 hours
mono: PWM
RGB: DMX-512 (additional control devices required)
305, 604, 903, 1202, 1501 mm
front dimensions:
35х29 mm
0,4 - 1,7
housing: extruded aluminum section with galvanic coating (anodic oxidation); end caps: polycarbonate; protective glass: n/a, PMMA secondary optics (polymethylmethacrylate – plexiglass); mounting arms: stainless steel; mounts: stainless steel
on an adjustable brackets, the brackets can slide along the body of the luminaire for adjustable installation
essential: power supply/module, cable set (if power supply is used), end-cap; optional: extension cable, shield
customized LEDs color combinations; control/power cables of any length up to 10 m; customized brackets; IP68 connectors; power and control in-line connection; group power supplies: 1 power supply for 12 meters of IntiSLIMs
contents of delivery:
luminaire, brackets, passport, package


cluster secondary optics

No loss of output lumen on the glass. Optics, specifically selected to match the LEDs used and securely installed, ensures highest light quality.

connectors of high protection grade

Universal connectors ensure a connection that is quick to assemble and reliable in operation. Through-put connection allows for minimizing the amount of wiring and junction boxes.

nuances for easier assembly and maintenance

Special frame brackets allow for setting up the luminaires with a clearance of 5 to 100 mm without cable slacking on the facade. Extension cables and power module provide additional convenience in installation. Stiff arm assembly with clamp allows for installing the device at the base structure outputs on the facade.

small weight and dimensions

The weight of the 30-cm device constitutes a mere 400 grams. Due to compact dimensions (only 35x28 mm in section) the device is virtually unnoticeable on the facade.




  • LED IPCe controller
    Sens SR-2812-IN Black
    LED Dimmer control unit
    USB-ILCS converter
    ILCS-3W converter
    DMX-3W converter
    DMX-DIM (PWM) converter
    ILCS(U4) splitter
    DMX(B1T2) splitter
    DMX-DIM converter
  • mono
    I-320-48 power module
    I-240-48 power module
    I-185-48 power module
    I-150-48 power module
    T-240-48 power module
    T-185-48 power module
    T-150-48 power module

    T-240-24 power module
    T-185-24 power module
    T-150-24 power module

  • 0,3 m extension cable — KU-1.1.0-0,3
    0,4 m extension cable — KU-1.1.0-0,4
    0,5 m extension cable — KU-1.1.0-0,5
    0,6 m extension cable — KU-1.1.0-0,6
    0,7 m extension cable — KU-1.1.0-0,7
    1 m extension cable — KU-1.1.0-1
    1,5 m extension cable — KU-1.1.1-1,5
    2 m extension cable — KU-1.1.1-2
    3 m extension cable — KU-1.1.1-3
    4 m extension cable — KU-1.1.1-4
    5 m extension cable — KU-1.1.1-5
    6 m extension cable — KU-1.1.1-6
    7 m extension cable — KU-1.1.1-7
    8 m extension cable — KU-1.1.1-8
    9 m extension cable — KU-1.1.1-9
    10 m extension cable — KU-1.1.1-10
    11 m extension cable — KU-1.1.1-11
    12 m extension cable — KU-1.1.1-12
    13 m extension cable — KU-1.1.1-13
    14 m extension cable — KU-1.1.1-14
    15 m extension cable — KU-1.1.1-15
    20 m extension cable — KU-1.1.1-20
    J3F end cap

In case of additional questions - please ask below:

Due to the constant renewal of our model range and improving technical characteristics the technical intormation can slightly differ from the latest version. To receive the most up-to-date technical information for project development please refer to your INTILED manager.


Saint Petersburg - head office and manufacture
+7 812 380 65 04

Moscow - sales office
+7 495 510 27 65
business hours: mon-fri 9-18 (GMT+3)

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