LETO shopping mall dynamic facade lighting

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About the building
The main task of modern shopping malls is to motivate visitors to purchase the goods. The competition to win the buyer begins long before the latter finds himself in front of the shop display. And a special role in this competition is attributed to illumination: architectural lighting can become the mall's hallmark standing out as a good contrast to competitors and attracting customers' attention.
Shopping mall LETO located at Pulkovskoe Highway is unique in its own way. The main facade features a floral ornament consisting of metal decorative elements in the form of branches with scattered petals.
Lighting concept and goals
During day-time this extensive and original facade decoration attracts potential customers to visit the mall, but at night it gets lost amidst shining advertising signboards of the mall. Thus, the mall's architectural lighting project had to solve this problem: how to spotlight the unique appearance of the building in the dusk and at night. While working on the lighting concept, IntiLED specialists decided not only to spotlight the facade decoration but also make the lighting dynamic.
Project implementation
In June 2018 for the fulfillment of this lighting concept special polycarbonate light boxes were designed in the form of petals duplicating the metal elements of the facade.
Light boxes were specially designed to give a maximally even light, equal in its brightness all over the entire surface. Each petal is lit from the inside by IntiDOT spotlights, so it is possible to control each light box and make the petals look vivid. Not only the petals but also the branches of the decoration are illuminated with the use of IntiDOT LED garlands with a 300 mm pitch. The degree of protection IP65 (IP67 for the driver) provides a long service life (no less than 50 000 hours) of the product in a wide temperature range varying from -40 ° C to + 55 ° C.
The entire facade illumination is controlled by pixel by means of MADRIX software which allows creating various variants of color-dynamic solutions. The lighting provides the following modes of the equipment operation: regular static and weakly dynamic modes for each day; modes for the New Year holidays; for public holidays and big sports victories. In addition, the modes are programmed to change automatically with a change of seasons: winter, spring, summer, autumn.
The IntiDOT system can be used independently, like in this project, or together with other DMX-controlled devices, for example, with floodlights or strip-lights.

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