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Installation-friendly media facade system with high brightness dots and flexible adjusting possibilities.


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IntiDOT-10.150 IMF6-0,2FC-120CL24full-color16480DMXno50x30x12 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-10.150 IMF6-0,2FC-160CL24full-color16360DMX16050x30x35 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-10.200 IMF6-0,2FC-120CL24full-color16480DMXno50x30x12 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-10.200 IMF6-0,2FC-160CL24full-color16360DMX16050x30x35 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-10.300 IMF6-0,2FC-120CL24full-color16480DMXno50x30x12 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-10.300 IMF6-0,2FC-160CL24full-color16360DMX16050x30x35 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-10.400 IMF6-0,2FC-120CL24full-color16480DMXno50x30x12 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-10.400 IMF6-0,2FC-160CL24full-color16360DMX16050x30x35 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-10.500 IMF6-0,2FC-120CL24full-color16480DMXno50x30x12 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-10.500 IMF6-0,2FC-160CL24full-color16360DMX16050x30x35 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-20.150 IMF6-0,2FC-120CL24full-color32950DMXno50x30x12 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-20.150 IMF6-0,2FC-160CL24full-color32700DMX16050x30x35 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-20.200 IMF6-0,2FC-120CL24full-color32950DMXno50x30x12 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-20.200 IMF6-0,2FC-160CL24full-color32700DMX16050x30x35 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-20.300 IMF6-0,2FC-120CL24full-color32950DMXno50x30x12 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-20.300 IMF6-0,2FC-160CL24full-color32700DMX16050x30x35 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-20.400 IMF6-0,2FC-120CL24full-color32950DMXno50x30x12 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-20.400 IMF6-0,2FC-160CL24full-color32700DMX16050x30x35 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-20.500 IMF6-0,2FC-120CL24full-color32950DMXno50x30x12 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-20.500 IMF6-0,2FC-160CL24full-color32700DMX16050x30x35 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-30.150 IMF6-0,2FC-120CL24full-color481450DMXno50x30x12 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-30.150 IMF6-0,2FC-160CL24full-color481100DMX16050x30x35 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-30.200 IMF6-0,2FC-120CL24full-color481450DMXno50x30x12 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-30.200 IMF6-0,2FC-160CL24full-color481100DMX16050x30x35 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-30.300 IMF6-0,2FC-120CL24full-color481450DMXno50x30x12 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-30.300 IMF6-0,2FC-160CL24full-color481100DMX16050x30x35 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-30.400 IMF6-0,2FC-120CL24full-color481450DMXno50x30x12 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-30.400 IMF6-0,2FC-160CL24full-color481100DMX16050x30x35 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-30.500 IMF6-0,2FC-120CL24full-color481450DMXno50x30x12 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-30.500 IMF6-0,2FC-160CL24full-color481100DMX16050x30x35 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-40.150 IMF6-0,2FC-120CL24full-color651900DMXno50x30x12 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-40.150 IMF6-0,2FC-160CL24full-color651450DMX16050x30x35 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-40.200 IMF6-0,2FC-120CL24full-color651900DMXno50x30x12 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-40.200 IMF6-0,2FC-160CL24full-color651450DMX16050x30x35 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-40.300 IMF6-0,2FC-120CL24full-color651900DMXno50x30x12 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-40.300 IMF6-0,2FC-160CL24full-color651450DMX16050x30x35 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-40.400 IMF6-0,2FC-120CL24full-color651900DMXno50x30x12 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-40.400 IMF6-0,2FC-160CL24full-color651450DMX16050x30x35 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-40.500 IMF6-0,2FC-120CL24full-color651900DMXno50x30x12 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-40.500 IMF6-0,2FC-160CL24full-color651450DMX16050x30x35 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-50.150 IMF6-0,2FC-120CL24full-color812400DMXno50x30x12 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-50.150 IMF6-0,2FC-160CL24full-color811800DMX16050x30x35 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-50.200 IMF6-0,2FC-120CL24full-color812400DMXno50x30x12 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-50.200 IMF6-0,2FC-160CL24full-color811800DMX16050x30x35 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-50.300 IMF6-0,2FC-120CL24full-color812400DMXno50x30x12 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-50.300 IMF6-0,2FC-160CL24full-color811800DMX16050x30x35 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-50.400 IMF6-0,2FC-120CL24full-color812400DMXno50x30x12 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-50.400 IMF6-0,2FC-160CL24full-color811800DMX16050x30x35 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-50.500 IMF6-0,2FC-120CL24full-color812400DMXno50x30x12 ДАТАШИТ
IntiDOT-50.500 IMF6-0,2FC-160CL24full-color811800DMX16050x30x35 ДАТАШИТ

INTILED website provides model ranges of standard products.
To receive information about customized versions, please contact your INTILED manager.


  • light color:
  • luminous flux (1 dot / 50 dots):
    without lens: 48 lm / 2400 lm
    with lens: 36 lm / 1800 lm
  • wattage (1 dot / 50 dots):
    2 W / 81 W
  • voltage:
    24 V DС
  • number of dots:
    1 - 50
  • distance between dots:
    100 - 500 mm
  • protection class:
  • operating temperature:
    tropical edition: -40°С ... +55°С
    standard edition: -40°С ... +45°С
  • lifespan:
    no less than 50000 hours
  • control:
  • dimensions (1 dot):
    50x30x12 mm
  • weight (50 dots with 200 mm step):
    1,5 kg
  • materials:
    housing: UV-resistant polycarbonate; diffusor: light-diffusing UV-resistant polycarbonate
  • mounting:
    surface mounting or installation into the profile
  • accessories:
    mounting profile, extension cable (length up to 30 m)
  • customization:

    customized mounting; customized quantity and distance between dots; monochore controlled version

  • contents of delivery:
    string with dots, passport, package


additional diffuser lenses

Additional polycarbonate diffuser lenses with UV-stabilizer increases view angle up to 160°

different mounting possibilities

IntiDOT can be mounted directly to a surface like a LED string or fixed inside mounting profile for finished look

DMX-512 controlled

Each pixel is controlled individually via the standard DMX-512 protocol. The system can be used both independently and jointly with other DMX-controlled luminaires (e.g., projectors, linear luminaires)

easy replacement of each pixel

each pixel is easily replaceable after the installation




  • LED IPCe controller
    Sens SR-2812-IN Black
    USB-ILCS converter
    ILCS-DMX converter
    ILCS(U4) splitter
    DMX(B1T2) splitter
  • IntiDOT mounting profile
    diffusor lense
    1 m extension cable — KU-1.10-1
    5 m extension cable — KU-1.10-5
    10 m extension cable — KU-1.10-10
    15 m extension cable — KU-1.10-11
    20 m extension cable — KU-1.10-12
    25 m extension cable — KU-1.10-13
    30 m extension cable — KU-1.10-14

In case of additional questions - please ask below:

Due to the constant renewal of our model range and improving technical characteristics the technical intormation can slightly differ from the latest version. To receive the most up-to-date technical information for project development please refer to your INTILED manager.


Saint Petersburg - head office and manufacture
+7 812 380 65 04

Moscow - sales office
+7 495 510 27 65
business hours: mon-fri 9-18 (GMT+3)

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