Sevkabel 2.0

Sevkabel Port is an exceptional project for INTILED. Its architectural lighting is constantly adjusting to the adaptive development of the entire public space. New lighting scenarios highlighting the historical value of the place appear simultaneously along with the reconstruction of the new areas.
Historical context
The architecture of the space adheres to the principle of genius loci, “the spirit of a place”. This approach emphasizes the existing features of the port area, therefore, the industrial style of the 1970s and the aesthetics of the pre-revolutionary Siemens & Halske building have been preserved. A reference point of the Sevkabel Port development was a successful adaptive reuse of the former industrial buildings around the world where old shipyards, factories and warehouses were transformed into modern art spaces.
Anything new and exciting in Sevkabel Port in terms of lighting design that we can see?
First of all, the elegant lighting of the Siemens & Halske factory building, the best illustrative example of the “less is more” concept. The noble hue of the façade was accentuated by the LINE, GROUND and SLIM fixtures, and EDGE luminaires were placed in the window openings.
The skating rink became a spot of inspiration, where we confidently experimented with colored lighting. The skating rink is equipped with IntiSTARK luminaires in various modifications: RGBW and RGBA to obtain the required light color. 30° IntiSTARK fittings are installed on the trees, and custom-made 30° and 60° luminaires with anti-glare louvres are installed on the poles nearby. The crowns of trees are lit with the powerful double IntiSTARKs with 10° optics.
The Marx generator is illuminated by dual IntiSTARK light fittings with amber-blue LED that resemble an electric shock effect. The street art murals and the pier tower are highlighted with LINE luminaires with narrow oval optics, while the focus of the brutal shop building is IntiSTARK fixtures placed in niches. All the in-ground luminaires are equipped with the special vandal-resistant grilles to protect the fittings without distorting the luminous flux.
A particular attention should be paid to the control system developed for the project. All luminaires are controlled via the LIGHTCAD program, from one remote control only. With the software, the dispatcher can control the status of all fittings and correct the scenarios for individual zones, monitor malfunctions and eliminate them quickly and easily.

lighting equipment

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