IntiLED shares the 5S implementation experience

In early September 2016 IntiLED took part in Industrial IT Forum. The event turned out to be a milestone in the industrial sector development, combining LeanProm, a conference on industry and lean production and a workshop-oriented PLM forum on managing product lifespans. The Forum was held under the auspices of the Saint Petersburg Industrial Policy and Innovation Committee, the Saint Petersburg Union of Manufacturers and Entrepreneurs and the Industrial Enterprise Association.
An open discussion between manufacturers included a wide range of topics pertaining to modern production: technological tendencies of the generation 4.0 industry, implementation of innovative technology, product lifespan management, best practices of operational production planning and dispatching, virtual prototyping and modeling capabilities as well as lean production technologies.
IntiLED's head production manager Eugene Farulin talked about the experience of implementing the system of workspace organization based on the 5S system. Over 5 years of use it resulted in substantial changes: productivity was increased times 8.7, the percentage of defective articles was reduced by 27% and production time from 30 to 4 days while the number of personnel was only increased twofold over the same period of time.
The 5S system is one of the lean production methods aimed at setting up an efficient workspace. It was developed in post-war Japan and comprises 5 steps: sort, set in order, shine, standardize and sustain. Regular adherence to the system allows for increased production output, safety and quality.


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