Lighting design in INTILED

Lighting design department is essential part of INTILED team. It consists of the new specialists in the field of architecture, illumination and lighting engineering.
INTILED design team work is divided into two global areas:
participation in the development and production of new lighting devices: selection of secondary optics design and necessary accessories, quality control of the lighting effects and development finalization of the light unit of the device and making recommendation about luminary usage according to lighting design and lighting project functionality;
сreation of the lighting projects: conceptual, functional and technical development of the project.
As usual, INTILED exhibition guests will be able to personally control the lighting at the stand by using the LIGHTCAD software package.
At the start of a specific lighting project, the designers collect important information about the object, including its history, location and surroundings, primary lookouts, basic and additional functions, front elevation materials, and the most important – goals and tasks of the client and how he can achieve them with the help of the lighting system.
The goal of the department specialists for each specific lighting project is to overcome the basic modern tasks of the correct lighting for building architecture in order to achieve the realization of ultimate goals and tasks that a particular lighting system faces. Depending on the level and type of the project or client request, the project could have different goals, for example: the increase of the flow of visitors for a specific building/part of the building; creation of new center of attraction in area/city.
INTILED lighting design department are not limited to creation of visualizations and lighting calculations. The lighting presentation, if necessary, can contain informative engineer drawings or video presentation containing elements of 3D-modeling and real footage from quadrodopter.
If it’s necessary to quickly react to customer`s feedback, the design department can execute the lighting project with the use of LIGHTCAD program package and make a “live” presentation for customer in order to allow him to implement his own ideas into the project right away. It will increase the chances to achieve the final lighting concept variant in one meeting with the client.


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