IntiLED illuminates the Moscow Metro

In the summer of 2018, the facades of 14 stations of the Moscow Metro sparkled with new colors. As part of the "My Street" improvement program, 1,244 units of LED equipment IntiLED were used for art-lighting of the recently renovated metro stations (Sportivnaya, Sokol Vostochny, Barrikadnaya, Taganskaya, Alekseevskaya, Rizhskaya, Kurskaya, Sokol Zapadny, Kuznetsky Most, Kurskaya (AP line), Arbat, "Aleksandrovsky Sad, Paveletskaya, Barrikadnaya, Avtozavodskaya).
Lighting of the Metro is not only one of the most interesting themes in lighting design, but also one of the most conservative. The illumination norms of the Moscow Metro, prescribed in the SNiP in the middle of the XX century, have not been changed until 2003. Then the requirements for stations lighting were minimal - it was necessary to ensure the safety of passengers.
For today the approach has changed. When choosing colors and lighting techniques, the light designers did a lot of preparatory work: they studied the history of the creation of stations, their architectural peculiarities. Due to this, an individual project was prepared for each station, which fulfills the most important tasks: to comply with strict security measures, to ensure a high degree of comfort for passengers and emphasize outstanding architecture.
For example, colored lighting was implemented on Kuznetsky Most and Barrikadnaya stations, which do not have the status of memorials. The bas-relief depicting the heroes of 1905 at the Barrikadnaya station was lit in purple, which made it look even more solemn.
At the metro station "Taganskaya", which is recognized as a cultural heritage object, it was possible to arrange light accents with the help of IntiLED equipment so as to highlight the decorative elements and illuminate the vaults of the azure-blue ceiling of the station.
Cool white color lighting emphasizes the compositional features of the architectural solution of the ground pavilion of the Kurskaya metro station.
For Sokol and Sportivnaya stations, classical lighting with the use of dimmable lights was chosen. Warm white light is used in semi-open spaces; cold white light - to emphasize the white classic elements - attics, parapets and cornices; neutral - to visually enlarge the surface of the facade. Warm white light at the stations Alekseevskaya and Rizhskaya creates comfortable conditions for passengers in the entrance areas.
Due to dimmable equipment and the possibility of switching on different groups of lights, lighting has two modes - evening and night. They will be used depending on the length of daylight.
Development of the concept and supply of equipment was carried out by the company “Masterskaya sveta” (Workshop of Light)


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