It all started 11 years ago. Young and ambitious, in love with the light and believing in the bright future of LEDs, we have teamed up under the name known to you as IntiLED.
The name of the company has an interesting story. In our work, we decided to follow a principle that is unusual for our field: combining creativity and technology. That's why “Inti” refers to the ancient god of light of the Incas, and "LED" shows that we are innovative. And if we believe in the saying: “As you name the boat, so shall it float.”, then we have no doubt that our ship "floats" in the waters of light design confidently and for a long time, moreover, plotting new routes, conquering one wave after another!
Before your eyes we have improved and been improving, creating projects, the significance of which is valued at the global level. In this regard, it's time to say that we are no longer components of "Inti" and "LED", but a holistic "INTILED", which has become better, but at the same time has retained a reverent attitude and individual approach to work.
We present you the rebranding, which is much deeper than just words. There is more behind it. This is a new company, which is proud of the level of its solutions and the result of its work. However, it consists of the same people with whom you worked ten years ago. We are actively conquering global recognition and we want the logo to speak to everyone in the same language.
What does the new identics mean? The new identics, in terms of font style, fully reflects our current approach to work: concise, modern, holistic. It is expressed in everything from project idea execution to production.
What do we want to convey with this change? It is simple. A significant result of our many years of work. INTILED are experts in their field, a true technological company. At the same time, we do not forget that we work in the creative architectural market, so inspiration and creative approach will stay with us in the future.
Thank you for trusting us. Onwards and upwards with the new INTILED


Saint Petersburg - head office and manufacture
+7 812 380 65 04

Moscow - sales office
+7 495 510 27 65
business hours: mon-fri 9-18 (GMT+3)

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