Night of Lights in Gatchina – A Wonderful World of Dreams

On one night in August, the Gatchina Palace Park experienced an amazing world of dreams. The dreams have become the main theme of the “Nights of Lights in Gatchina” festival this year. More than a hundred light art objects are located on the map of this event. By providing equipment for masters of light design to navigate between their fantasies, IntiLED, together with Wieland Eceltric Rus, have become the guides to the world of dreams. The visitors could travel through the Dutch gardens and the Island of Love, count white air sheeps, hear the voice of the Skyhorn and experience a nightmare.
The visitors were able to see how “dreams come true” thanks to interactive story of head of the IntiLED lighting design department, Ulyana Vinogradova. Everyone, who climbed on the high ground, could see how the play of colors, light and shadows on the trees erased the line between reality and dream. Fluorescent patterns changed the perception of space, making everything look like a dream. IntiLINE luminaires and IntiRAY projectors were used to implement these ideas.
Each installation was a continuous live action, which could be felt and seen by any visitor. “Echo” Art object of Vadim Dahov (Ekla Group) was also implemented with the use of IntiLED equipment, like IntiLINE and IntiTUBE series luminaries. It reproduced objective-spatial environment of illusions, plunging everyone deep into the dreams. The author was inspired by the painting of the famous surrealist – Rafal Olbinski. All visitors, who approached the installation, thought that the trees were simply illuminated by white light. But at the survey points, they saw that each leaf gathered into a general picture like a puzzle, forming bizarre, animated portraits.
The culmination of “Nights of Light” was the multimedia performance “Dream Sonata” on the facade of the Gatchina Palace and fireworks over the waters of the Beloe Ozero. The impression of the fireworks was intensified by a natural thunderstorm that swept over the park just in time.
During round table of IV research and development conference “Light Design 2017” in October were announced the results and winner of the festival. It was Natalia Hohonova (Ekaterinburg) with installation called “Quick dreams”.
“Nights of Lights” has been held in Gatchina open-air museum since 2013. More than 80 000 people visited festival in this year.


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