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Paradoxes of Light in Gatchina

In 2018, the international festival of light art Light Nights in Gatchina was extended for two more nights for the first time within the five-year history. From 10 to 12 August, 36 light art objects made by designers from all over the world, united by the theme Paradoxes, were located in the park territory. The theme of absurdity of the phenomena of life was discussed by the authors of musical stories and interactive performances, which were included in the program of the event as well.
The second year in a row, IntiLED supports one of the largest domestic lighting events. The company works every day to improve the lighting environment in cities in Russia and abroad, as well as to develop the culture of quality lighting. “We believe that Light Nights in Gatchina is a unique platform where dialogue with the audience is possible in the language of light," said Ulyana Vinogradova, head of the light design department.
The theme of this year was so captivating for the IntiLED team that the light designers presented two own installations at the festival. The first of them had a polar bear who had found itself on the top of an iceberg in the Gatchina pond. The reason for this is a fragile balance in nature, which may easily be disturbed. The authors of the installation suggest thinking about what to be done now to prevent irreversible environmental changes. The second art object with the self-explanatory name IDIOT aroused special interest among the audience. How many times have people heard about a light bulb, which may be easily put in one's mouth, but never be taken out?!
But still there are researchers the installation is named after, who consider it their duty to conduct an experiment on themselves. A light bulb made of a luminaire of the IntiTOP series in the mouth of a huge talking head once more reminded the guests that it was by no means allowed doing this.
For navigation illumination of the territory of the Gatchina Park, LED luminaires of the IntiLINE series were used. Six bridges along the route of the festival turned into light installations due to IntiLED lighting. The lighting was done in a cold color palette: in white, blue and violet. They attracted attention of visitors, creating bizarre reflections in the watery surface. The Northern facade of the Gatchina Palace together with the Palace garden also had a new look. Warm white lighting made of the luminaire of the IntiLINE series delicately emphasized the classical facade and regular park style.
Thanks to the Lantern Park project, which took place within Light Nights, not only professionals, but also beginners were able to participate in the festival. Lantern Park is a master class on creation of fantasy street luminaires, found by the organizers of the Lux Helsinki festival. Light designers of IntiLED together with other participants created fantasy street lights with the help of expedient means and the simplest materials that garnished the Island of Love.
The Museum and Reserve of Gatchina holds Light Nights since 2013. Every year, the festival attracts more than 80,000 visitors.


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