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IntiLED discreet lighting solution for classical architecture

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    EST company

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    EST company

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    EST company

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    Stanislav Abakumov

About the building
The new business center at 38 Pushkin Street in Krasnodar is an example of the classical style of architecture.
The harmonious structure designed with strict proportions and no unnecessary elements makes the building look stately against the background of the tawdry surrounding.
Lighting concept and goals
The classical style dictated the architectural and art lighting concept with an emphasis on features of the style and arrangements to enhance the recognizable daytime appearance of the building in the evening.
For this purpose the lighting designers accented the architectural and structural elements of the facade by combining them into a discreet lighting picture. The warm white emission color (3000K) completed the aristocratic appearance of the business center.
Another task accomplished by the designers was minimizing the level of illumination inside the business center to create the most comfortable atmosphere for employees and guests.
Project implementation
Several types of IntiLED LED equipment were used to implement the monochrome lighting concept.
Linear spotlights of IntiLINE series of various lengths illuminate decorative elements of the facade and half-columns.
Narrow-beam 5-degree spotlights of IntiBEAM series were selected to produce the most uniform vertical illumination of the spaces between windows in the center. Their narrow angle of illumination made it possible to avoid the blinding effect.
Compact spotlights of IntiROLL series also accentuate the spaces between windows.
This system of multi-level lighting picturesquely emphasizes the numerous architectural elements on the one hand and highlights the dimensions of the impressive building on the other hand.
The shells of all the luminaires are painted the same color as the facade making them almost unnoticeable on the building in the daytime.

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