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HOROSHO Mall: facade as color space

  • lighting company:
    MDM Light
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    MDM Light
  • installation:
    MDM Light
Best Russian architects were called up to create the architectural concept for the new mall on Khoroshevkoye motorway in Moscow. The competition's winner, Moscow's IQ Bureau, offered a fresh look on retail architecture and public space arrangement."Our goal was to create a structure outside a particular style which would still fit the context well in contrast with the surrounding buildings, and would also be as convenient as possible for all types of visitors", commented Erik Valeev, the bureau's head architect.
The author's idea was to adapt the building's geometry for dynamic perception of volume when moving along the complex. Thanks to soft shapes and vertical lamels deflected at varying angles, you feel wind moving across the facades. The use of light structural fenestration in the entrance area creates the effect of the street's public space "flowing" into the interior, visually expanding the area by the main entrance.
Not only do the lamels make the walls light and textured, ensuring a smooth transition to fenestration, but they are also used as the basis for installing facade lighting.
Their internal surface has over a thousand of full-color IntiTUBE luminaires from 30 to 130 cm long. The series is classified as direct-observation equipment, enabling subtle illumination of the lames without creating visual discomfort to the passer-bys, drivers and mall visitors.
The ability to apply control based on a 1-diode increment makes IntiTUBE a perfect device to demonstrate dynamic lighting effects. The luminaires are connected to a unified system and work in unison with three facade-mounted media screens. The IntiLight control system allows for different options in dynamic color solutions. The luminous intensity, color and scenarios can react to the time of the day, the weather and the lighting conditions. That way the entire facade surface acts as a single media organism.
MDM Light performed the entire spectrum of work pertaining to engineering, installation and commissioning.
The project was implemented in September 2016.Horosho! Mall was the recipient of a number of prestigious prizes, including International Property Awards 2015-2016 (nominated in the Highly Commended Retail Architecture category) and the Golden Sign award of Zodchestvo-2016 festival (nominated in Multi-functional Urban Ensembles and Complexes).

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