Svetly Mir on the shore of the Gulf of Finland

The new housing complex called Svetly Mir Ya Romantik [I Am a Romantic Light World] in St Petersburg sits on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, in the wave-built part of Vasilyevsky Island. Its location will allow the residents to take strolls along the Romantics Promenade and to study the starry sky from the on-site observatory on clear nights.
The idea behind the lighting scheme is closely linked to the narrative of the I Am a Romantic project: to demonstrate the value of having a dream, pursuing one's dream, having a life, following one's heart rather than joining the rat race.
The scheme was implemented using 200+ IntiLINE monochromatic stand-alone light fixtures with 10-degree optics and a length of 100 and 160cm. They are installed on perforated structures not unlike sails. The structures themselves are fitted inside the flights of stairs, so the lamps offer no visual discomfort to the estate residents.
Each unit emphasizes one of the four colours: red, blue, green and amber. The hue, tint, and intensity of lighting were optimized using colour tests and full-scale simulation.
Whatever the colour, the lighting pattern is the same for each façade, which integrates the buildings into a single complex. The design concept, detailed documentation, equipment and installation were provided by the company ReKol.
For recreation, the I Am a Romantic Light World residential estate offers a football pitch, cycleways, volleyball and basketball facilities. The courtyards are totally traffic-free, which ensures peace and quiet for the residents and safety for the children.
Photographs by Dmitry Sakhno

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