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IntiLED lighting installed on Moscow Central Circle stations

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September 2016 saw the opening of the Moscow Central Circle (MCC). Moscow successfully integrated the MCC into the existing transport network of the city and ultimately into the Moscow Metro system. Being one of the capital's largest infrastructure projects, the MCC was erected within a very short time. The project was initiated in 2011. Over five years, the circle's railroad infrastructure was reconstructed and it underwent full electrification. The reconstruction comprised the laying of 190 kilometers of rail tracks, the overhaul and erection of 29 artificial structures, each a most complex engineering design. Additionally, approximately five thousand supports were installed, 419 kilometers of contact network were assembled and over 35 km of engineering communications overhauled. Continuous welded rails were laid along the entire perimeter of the circle, used to carry new-generation "Lastochka" electric trains.
The MCC comprises 31 stations, each serving as a transfer point to the municipal surface transport system, granting the city an alternative choice of routes and reduces the load on the capital city's subway.
The lighting project for the stations Rostokino, Novokhokhlovskaya, Botanichesky Sad, Bulvar Rokossovskogo, Lokomotiv, Izmailovo, Sokolinaya Gora, Andronovka, Ugreshkaya, Dubrovka, Avtozavodskaya, ZIL and the Verkhnie Kotly transfer node was based on a concept of monochrome illumination, whose primary goal was the functional lighting of the stations.
More than a thousand of IntiLINE luminaires of differing length (60 and 160 cm) were used for implementation in the project: The passengers' visual comfort is ensured by neutral white light that is the closest to natural lighting.A standard solution implies installing luminaires directly into the structure of the roof as well as behind polycarbonate panels.
To ensure the lighting of the Rostokino station's entrance area, we produced customized versions of IntiTOP luminaires. The front side of the Novokhokhlovskaya station's central entrance had IntiTWIN luminaires installed, serving not only as functional but also as decorative lighting. Thanks to newly installed illumination, the transfer at Verkhnie Kotly became safe and convenient.
Svet-Stroy-Service planned the project and supplied the equipment.
Not only did the MCC become a surface-based extension of the capital city's subway, but it served to build a new system of transport logistics, making an average Moscow commute 20 minutes shorter. The MCC, passing through 26 Moscow districts with population of appoximately 2 million people, redistributes traffic from the center to the middle part of the city, making the adjacent territories more accessible, reducing the subway passenger throughput and partly freeing up roads. It is forecast that by 2020 the MCC throughput will reach 250 million passengers annually and 430 thousand people daily.

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