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Lighting of the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation in Nur Sultan

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About the object
The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation opened in Nur Sultan before the start of the II Congress of Leaders of the World's Traditional Religions in September 2006.
The building symbolizes a spiritual history dating back to the times of ancient Egypt, as well as the peaceful coexistence of different religions today and in the future.
The shape of the palace is a regular pyramid, the height of which is equal to a 25-story building. The entrance to the pyramid is located underground.
The optical system of mirrors helps the sunlight to pass through the glass top of the pyramid to illuminate all the internal rooms: the opera hall, the Museum of National Culture of Kazakhstan, the University of Civilizations, exhibition and concert halls, the library, and the research center of world religions.
The top of the pyramid, decorated with stained-glass windows in the colors of the national flag of Kazakhstan. It is occupied by a round hall with 200 seats, where since 2006 meetings of leaders of various religions and faiths have been held.
Lighting Ideas and Tasks
The palace, made of stone and colored glass, is located on a small hill, so its shape is clearly visible during the day, and at night the building disappears in the dark. Architectural and artistic lighting emphasized the shape of the building in the evening, making the light dominant of the pyramid.
The main task is to preserve the daytime monumentality in the evening appearance of the building, so the designers chose the classic flood lighting.
Project implementation
64 IntiSTARK series RGBW floodlights with different emission angles of 30 ° and 60 ° were used to achieve uniformity of flood the lighting. Luminaires are mounted on 32 pillars around the perimeter of the building — two floodlights on each pillar.
All equipment is controlled by DMX-512, which allows user to create various options for color dynamic solutions.

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