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Emotional lighting for residential complex ONLY

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The ONLY Complex is the first residential facility in the world to use the multi-case concept of emotional and biodynamic lighting, taking into account the mood and biological cycle of a person. The project of the residential complex lighting was implemented in the spring of 2018 on the IntiLED equipment.
“This is a modern idea that is sensitive to the natural environment and our biological rhythms. Taking a leaf out of the nature's book, we have developed various lighting scenarios. All lamps are controlled by an astronomical timer and change the light environment depending on the time of day and time of year. For example, in the winter morning, the cold white light imitates the early twilight, allowing you to go to work in a more active mood, and in the evening just the opposite: warm white light, imitating the sunset, greets you after work and evokes the feeling of pacification and domesticity, contributing to rest and revitalization”, said the author of the concept Sergey Sizy, the member of the international association of lighting design IALD, the founder of LiDS Lighting Design Studio
The Residential Complex ONLY includes eight 16-storeyed buildings in the neo-classical style. In order to preserve the architectural entity of the building, natural tectonics was emphasized with the help of light through the increase in brightness from the bottom up from the ground floor upwards. For the dark finishing materials of the first and second floors of the external facade, an amber shade of light from IntiLINE line lights has been chosen, which favorably emphasizes the color and character of the front brick and associates with home comfort. The upper floor of the external facade is also contoured with IntiLINE with warm white light, which additionally underlines the structure of the building.  Gable facades are illuminated in contrast with a neutral white light, visually outlining the aisles into the courtyard of the residential complex. Due to the compactness of the closed courtyard and the close placement of buildings to each other, in order not to create additional light flashing in the windows and visual load in the evening, it was decided to go back from the lighting of the internal facade, leaving the light only on the ground floor of the buildings.
Several stages of field modeling and designer supervision made it possible to implement the project at the highest level and save maximum of conceptual ideas.
In 2017, the Residential Complex ONLY became the winner of the Urban Awards in three nominations: "Premiere of the Year", "Business Class Apartment Complex", "Innovation of the Year" for the concept of Emotional lighting.

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