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275 meters of light

  • lighting company:
    INTILED, “ElPromEnergo” Group of Companies
  • supply:
    “Svetovye i Elektricheskiye Tekhnologii” Group of Companies
  • installation:
    “Svetovye i Elektricheskiye Tekhnologii” Group of Companies
The light art project for new Perm television tower was completed in the spring of 2018 and it immediately became an attraction of the town and was included in the guide book titled “Around old and new Motovilikha. Walks with a photo camera” issued to celebrate the 280-year anniversary of the oldest district of Perm.
The height of the antenna and mast structure is 275 meters, which makes it the third highest television tower in Russia. The first is Ostankinskaya tower, followed by the tower in Saint Petersburg.
The main task of the lighting concept was to create a unique night image seen from any viewing point in the town. The static flood lighting was not enough, so IntiLED and ElPromEnergo specialists used the accentuating dynamics and created unique light dynamics scenarios.
The tower illumination was created in two stages. The first stage included flood lighting installation. It was done from the ground using eight 3-meter supports located at a distance of 15 m around the tower.
There were three powerful IntiSTARK series RGB spotlights on each support. Each device has its own type of optics of 7°, 10° and 30°, which makes it possible to create a uniform flood lighting of the tower. The customized IntiSTARK solution with 7° optics was manufactured specifically to have a 70 meter high light beam. In order to create extra volume as well as to produce lighting effects there were installed six 10° IntiSTARK luminaires mounted on low height supports inside the tower. For the skimming flood lighting created by mounting the luminaires on the maintenance platform at a height of 190 m, there were used IntiSTARK series RGB luminaires with 7° and 10° optics.
Light beam from the devices was directed up and down. The quadrangular spire of the tower is lit with four 10° IntiSTARK series spotlights installed at a height of 255 m with a luminous flux of 2,100 lm.
The next step was the accentuating illumination. After the mock-up there were selected IntiTOP luminaires with narrow optics. Due to the fact that the equipment on the tower is exposed to extreme climatic loads and works in a zone of strong radiation from television signal transmitters, there were designed and manufactured special extension brackets for fixing the luminaires to the structures of the tower as well as individual highly protected marshalling boxes. 192 IntiTOP devices with a beam angle of 15° were installed on the entire tower up to the level of 190 m.
There are 4 illumination scenarios: casual, festive, special (Day of Russia, National Flag Day, 9th of May, etc) and standby. Each scenario comprises a variety of effects including both, static lighting with weak dynamics of the accentuating spotlights and color changes of different geometry and speed on all the equipment. The accentuating luminaires create an effect of a growing tower, strobe effect and spiral twist effect. All the equipment is controlled via DMX-512 protocol. The total power consumption of the entire lighting system of the tower is only 9.7 kW.

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