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Riviera Club House classic architectural lighting

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  • lighting company:

    STK MT Electro

  • supply:

    STK MT Electro

  • installation:

    STK MT Electro

  • photographer:

    Nikolay Kovalevskiy

About the object
Riviera Residential Estate is situated in the very heart of Yekaterinburg, at Iset riverwalk. Location of the Residential Estate is absolutely exceptional. Not only it is a city center of predominantly historic development, but also a socially significant district with the area specially designated for leisurely walks along the waterfront.
Designing the estate, Riviera architects were to take an enormous number of factors into account: specific location of the site, its impact on historical cityscape, as well as premium housing class and, therefore, the highest level of comfort and privacy to be provided by the residential complex layout. They succeeded in designing a centerpiece integrating perfectly into its surroundings: an elegant neo-classic building with dynamic architecture, rotunda towers, bay windows, gables, and glass walls.
Lighting Ideas and Tasks
To match the architectural style, the facade lighting system for a residential estate of this class is set to be prudent, however, warm and welcoming enough, emphasizing its closeness and privacy. INTILED-based system creates the ultimate atmosphere, while harmoniously integrating the house into the surrounding environment… expressing the story, unveiling full grandeur of the estate to the observer and revealing its unique architectural features in the dark.
Project implementation
For this project, designers have chosen classic warm white monochrome lighting (3,000 K), flawlessly matching austere Neoclassicism aesthetics. Simple clean design and compact dimensions of fixtures make them completely unnoticeable on the façade, drawing no attention from the architecture in the daytime.
First floor sections are visually divided by two-directional IntiTWIN wall luminaires. Narrow-beam 5-degree luminaires of IntiBEAM series installed at the level of the third floor along the perimeter of the building provide impeccably uniform vertical lighting of the protruding pilasters, making the building seem taller. The upper tier of the residential complex is highlighted by IntiROLL accent luminaires. Secondary optics, placement of fixtures and accessories are selected so as to completely eliminate the blinding effect and retain the most comfort for the residents of the Club House.

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