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TV tower in Roermond - the return of colour to the city after the bland period of quarantine

  • installation:
    Cleary BV
  • supply:
    Cleary BV
About the project
The Roermond TV Tower is an architectural landmark of Limburg province in the Netherlands. From this spot, breathtaking landscapes of the city and its environs open up to the eyes of the observer. Visitors who venture to climb to the very top marvel at the view. However, behind all the splendor, guests do not notice the beauty of the tower itself, so the initiative was taken to demonstrate, with the help of light, that the TV tower is no less striking than the views from it. It can be a center of attraction and, as it turned out in the course of work, even a means of emotional support.
Lighting concept and goals
In 2020 and 2021, the cultural life of the Netherlands has come to a standstill. Numerous events were canceled for a year and a half. Not a single holiday, not even Liberation Day, the most important event in the life of the country. Since this fact became emotionally depressing for the Roermond inhabitants, it was decided to urgently add new bright colors to the area through the illumination of the highest point of the city.
Project implementation
Overall, 36 luminaires of the IntiSTARK family were installed at the base, on open platforms and on the spire of the tower. Creating lighting scenarios became a separate part of this large-scale project. During holidays and special events, the tower is illuminated from sunset until 1am. The base of the tower is always uniformly lit in white, while the colours of the stair flights and the mast are adapted to a specific occasion. At Liberation Day, the tower was painted in the colors of the Dutch flag, while the mast was lit up in national bright orange. During the epidemic, every resident who could see the tower from home, virtually joined in celebrating the event, as in clear weather the visibility can reach the unique 50 kilometers. Today, the TV tower has become a symbol of the cultural life of Roermond, both in itself and as a venue for big public events.

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