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Recessed floodlight projector for the delicate accent lighting of the facades from the ground level. Compact body dimensions and an internal light beam adjustment mechanism allow easy luminaire installation and adjustment on site.



namecolourWlmoptics, degdimensions, mmdatasheet
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IRG9-1W30-10a30H3000K1178010а30190x190x112 ДАТАШИТ
IRG9-1W30-10x50H3000K1179010x50190x190x112 ДАТАШИТ
IRG9-1W30-30H3000K1182030190x190x112 ДАТАШИТ
IRG9-1W30-60H3000K1182060190x190x112 ДАТАШИТ
IRG9-1W30-10H3000K1184010190x190x112 ДАТАШИТ
IRG9-1W30-80H3000K1187080190x190x112 ДАТАШИТ
IRG9-1W30-10a30H4000K1182010а30190x190x112 ДАТАШИТ
IRG9-1W40-10x50H4000K1183010x50190x190x112 ДАТАШИТ
IRG9-1W40-30H4000K1187030190x190x112 ДАТАШИТ
IRG9-1W40-60H4000K1187060190x190x112 ДАТАШИТ
IRG9-1W40-10H4000K1189010190x190x112 ДАТАШИТ
IRG9-1W40-80H4000K1192080190x190x112 ДАТАШИТ
IRG9-1W50-80H5000K1181080190x190x112 ДАТАШИТ
IRG9-1W50-10x50H5000K1182010x50190x190x112 ДАТАШИТ
IRG9-1W30-10a30H 5000K1182010а30190x190x112 ДАТАШИТ
IRG9-1W50-30H5000K1186030190x190x112 ДАТАШИТ
IRG9-1W50-60H5000K1186060190x190x112 ДАТАШИТ
IRG9-1W50-10H5000K1188010190x190x112 ДАТАШИТ

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  • light color:
    white (3000 К, 4000 К, 5000 К)
  • optics:
    10°, 10а30°, 10х50°, 30°, 60°, 80°
  • luminous flux:
    780 - 920 lm
  • CRI:
  • power factor Cos φ:
  • wattage:
    11 W
  • voltage:
    90-264 V AC
  • protection class:
  • static load resistance:
    up to 5000 kg
  • operating temperature:
    tropical edition: -40°С ... +55°С
    standard edition: -40°С ... +45°С
  • lifespan:
    no less than 50000 hours
  • control:
    not available
  • dimensions:
    190x190x112 mm
  • weight:
    2,2 kg
  • materials:
    housing: pressure-cast aluminum, covered with powder paint; protective glass: hardened with silicon sealer; mounting curb: ABS plastic; decorative frame: polished stainless steel; mounts: stainless steel
  • mounting:
    build into the ground or concrete with different surfaces (asphalt, paving slab, facing stone etc.)
  • customization:
    control/power cables of any length, PWM control
  • contents of delivery:
    luminaire, mounting curb, passport, package


decorative aluminum frame

quickly replaceable in case of prolonged luminaire operation

high quality of light

due to high-precision positioning of the secondary optics as well as a black printed circuit enabling uniform lighting without undesireable light effects (parasitic spots, etc.)

adjustment mechanism

built into the housing allows for easy aiming of the beam by changing the angle and rotating the PCB

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Due to the constant renewal of our model range and improving technical characteristics the technical intormation can slightly differ from the latest version. To receive the most up-to-date technical information for project development please refer to your INTILED manager.


Saint Petersburg - head office and manufacture
+7 812 380 65 04

Moscow - sales office
+7 495 510 27 65
business hours: mon-fri 9-18 (GMT+3)

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