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Murmansk port cranes: light sculptures in Kola Bay

  • lighting company:
    MT Elektro
  • supply:
    MT Elektro
  • installation:
    MT Elektro
  • photographer:
    MT Elektro
A light art project involving the cranes in the Murmansk commercial seaport to mark the 100th anniversary of the capital of the Kola Polar Region was implemented in the autumn of 2016.
To develop and implement the concept of spectacular kinetic lighting required outside-the-box engineering and design solutions. It took trial and error to determine the best locations for the light fixtures, their wattages and beam widths. The installation locations on the crane structures were chosen in light of the requirement to keep the operator cabin and loading bay shaded to prevent dazzling and interference with the work processes.
Thus, detailed engineering made it possible to install on each of the 22 Vityaz cranes, each about 50 metres high, the optimal number of lighting fixtures: 17 IntiSTARK RGB floodlights, 6 IntiTOP RGB spotlights and 9 IntiSLIM RGB linear luminaires 120cm long. As a result, the 32 cherry-picked lights maximized the effect of light play.
Each lighting area of the crane is controlled individually wirelessly, which makes it possible to create an unlimited number of colour/lighting patterns.
The local climate being what it is, all the light fixtures are made of rustproof materials. Also, all lighting fixtures have been ruggedized for shock and vibration.
The design concept, detailed documentation, equipment and installation were provided by the light engineering company MT Elektro. The port cranes have become a new object of industrial art, which was unveiled during the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the city of Murmansk. But even after the celebrations, the Murmansk cranes continue bathing the waters of the Kola Bay in bright colours during long polar nights.
Photographs by MT Elektro company.

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