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IntiLED tropical series for The Local Hotel

The Local, a modern five-star hotel complex, unrivaled in the south of Russia, was opened in Grozny in May 2018.
The hotel is designed in a traditional arabic style. The laconic form of the building made it possible to focus all attention on the facade elements and openwork bas-reliefs alluding to the islamic culture. The ornaments symbolize unity and multiplicity – many elements form a single pattern. Division of the facade into the blocks that are on different levels, pilasters and large windows add lightness and pageantry to the whole building. Facade of the hotel has the colors of sandstone being one of the main construction materials in Islamic architecture. The roof of the hotel is crowned with wind towers traditional for Arabic architecture. Their main purpose is cooling the building. However, The Local towers perform a decorative function.
The style of the complex serves the main purpose set by the designers, namely promotion of islamic architecture on the territory of Russia. The architectural lighting concept of the hotel supports this idea.
The lighting project completed using IntiLED equipment emphasizes oriental motifs of The Local during the evening and night time. 366 pieces of lighting equipment providing warm white light (3000 K) well matching the sandy color of the facade were used to create a uniform style. Complex climatic conditions in the region were taken into account in the lighting equipment production.
IntiLED tropical series resistant to temperature changes from -40 °C to + 55 °C and high relative humidity of 100% were used in the project.
Installed in the ground around the perimeter, 100 IntiGROUND series spotlights with three types of optics 10°, 30° and 60° highlight the first floor and entrances of the complex. Geometric ornaments of the main entrance are accentuated by IntiSLIM series dimmable luminaires. Powerful IntiSTARK series spotlights with 30° optics are installed on pilasters on the first-floor level. They create the flood lighting accentuating the bulk of the multilevel facade of the hotel. IntiSLIM series luminaires installed in niches help to create more visual bulk. Due to their compact dimensions they are indispensable for lighting under confined installation conditions and invisible on the facade. IntiTWIN series luminaires located on the inter-floor band of the wing create decorative lighting. They visually emphasize pilasters of the building. The wind towers are accentuated by 102 IntiTOP series dimmable spotlights creating a panoramic image of the hotel.
The guest room inventory consists of 90 rooms, including suites with separate beds and special ones for people with disabilities. The hotel offers restaurants, a banquet hall for 600 people, meeting facilities and a spa center. The Local became the base accredited by FIFA delegation during football World Cup 2018. The national team of Egypt lived in the five-star hotel.

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