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IntiSTARK big-block

The IntiSTARK big-block floodlight is a modern system for dynamic illumination of large sites, such as television towers, high-rise buildings, bridges and monuments. Independent controls for LED clusters, the variety of secondary optics and a multitude of LED positioning options in relation to each other grant total freedom in terms of lighting design and development of lighting solutions for complex projects.
INTISTARK big-block


namecolourWlmcontroloptics, degdimensions, mm
start typingchoosechoosechoose
IMF144-2W30-10H3000 K32125 150no10516x249x493
IMF144-2W30-10x50H3000 K32123 450no10x50516x249x493
IMF144-2W30-30H3000 K32124 550no30516x249x493
IMF144-2W30-60H3000 K32124 550no60516x249x493
IMF144-2W30-80H3000 K32126 000no80516x249x493
IMF144-2W40-10H4000 K32126 450no10516x249x493
IMF144-2W40-10x50H4000 K32124 650no10x50516x249x493
IMF144-2W40-30H4000 K32125 850no30516x249x493
IMF144-2W40-60H4000 K32125 850no60516x249x493
IMF144-2W40-80H4000 K32127 350no80516x249x493
IMF144-2W50-10H5000 K32126 350no10516x249x493
IMF144-2W50-10x50H5000 K32124 550no10x50516x249x493
IMF144-2W50-30H5000 K32125 750no30516x249x493
IMF144-2W50-60H5000 K32125 750no60516x249x493
IMF144-2W50-80H5000 K32127 250no80516x249x493
IMF196-2RGBW30-10CHRGBW37215 800(8450 – RGB, 7350 - white)DMX10 574x272x527
IMF196-2RGBW30-10x50CHRGBW37214 750(7900 – RGB, 6850 - white)DMX10x50 574x272x527
IMF196-2RGBW30-30CHRGBW37215 550(8350 – RGB, 7200 - white)DMX30 574x272x527
IMF196-2RGBW30-60CHRGBW37215 650(8450 – RGB, 7200 - white)DMX60 574x272x527
IMF196-2RGBW30-80CHRGBW37215 950(8350 – RGB, 7600 - white)DMX80 574x272x527
IMF196-2RGBW40-10CHRGBW37216 200(8450 – RGB, 7750 - white)DMX10 574x272x527
IMF196-2RGBW40-10x50CHRGBW37215 150(7900 – RGB, 7250 - white)DMX10x50 574x272x527
IMF196-2RGBW40-30CHRGBW37215 950(8350 – RGB, 7600 - white)DMX30 574x272x527
IMF196-2RGBW40-60CHRGBW37216 050(8450 – RGB, 7600 - white)DMX60 574x272x527
IMF196-2RGBW40-80CHRGBW37216 400(8350 – RGB, 8050 - white)DMX80 574x272x527
IMF196-2RGBW50-10CHRGBW37216 150(8450 – RGB, 7700 - white)DMX10 574x272x527
IMF196-2RGBW50-10x50CHRGBW37215 050(7900 – RGB, 7150 - white)DMX10x50 574x272x527
IMF196-2RGBW50-30CHRGBW37215 850(8350 – RGB, 7500 - white)DMX30 574x272x527
IMF196-2RGBW50-60CHRGBW37215 950(8450 – RGB, 7500 - white)DMX60 574x272x527
IMF196-2RGBW50-80CHRGBW37216 300(8350 – RGB, 7950 - white)DMX80 574x272x527

INTILED website provides model ranges of standard products.
To receive information about customized versions, please contact your INTILED manager.


light color:
white (3000 К, 4000 К, 5000 К), RGBW

10°, 30°, 10а30°, 10х50°, 60°, 80°

luminous flux:
14 750 - 27 350 lm
power factor Cos φ:
321, 372 W
90-264 V AC
protection class:
operating temperature:
tropical edition: -40°С ... +55°С
standard edition: -40°С ... +45°С
not less than 50000 hours
mono: not available
mono: 516x249x493 mm
RGBW: 574x272x527 mm
22, 27 kg
housing: extruded aluminum with galvanic coating; end caps: aluminum alloy; protective glass: silicate tempered glass; mounting brackets: zink-plated steel covered with powder paint to fit the housing color; mounts: stainless steel
on a multifunctional bracket with flexible adjustment
customized LEDs color combinations; control/power cables of any length; housing and accessories painting in any RAL color; production of customized accessories; IP68 connectors; control: PWM
contents of delivery:
luminaire, installation kit, passport, package


unique mounting arm for flexible adjustment

A multitude of options in terms of positioning LED clusters in relation to each other ensure high flexibility of the device operation.

wide range of color options

Standard monochrome and RGB/RGBW versions are available along with custom configurations with additional channels of white light and any LED color combinations.

universal connectors of high protection grade

Universal connectors ensure a connection that is quick to assemble and reliable in operation. Version with IP68 connectors is available.



  • LED IPCe controller
  • Sens SR-2812-IN Black
  • USB-ILCS converter
  • ILCS-DMX converter
  • DMX(B1T2) splitter
  • ILCS(U4) splitter

In case of additional questions - please ask below:

Due to the constant renewal of our model range and improving technical characteristics the technical intormation can slightly differ from the latest version. To receive the most up-to-date technical information for project development please refer to your INTILED manager.


Saint Petersburg - head office and manufacture
+7 812 380 65 04

Moscow - sales office
+7 495 510 27 65
business hours: mon-fri 9-18 (GMT+3)

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